OSU eCampus Online CS Course Reviews

I’m currently a student in Oregon State University’s Online Computer Science program. Here are my detailed class reviews, along with the school quarter [in brackets] that I attended the class.

CS161 – Intro to Computer Science [Fall 2016]

CS162 – Intro to Computer Science II [Winter 2017]

CS225 – Discrete Structures in Computer Science [Spring 2017]

CS261 – Data Structures [Fall 2017]

CS325 – Analysis of Algorithms [Winter 2018]

CS271 – Computer Architecture and Assembly Language [Spring 2018]

CS361 – Software Engineering I [Spring 2018]

CS290 – Web Development [Summer 2018]

CS340 – Intro to Databases [Winter 2019]

CS344 – Operating Systems [Winter 2019]

CS475 – Parallel Programming [Spring 2019]

CS372 – Intro to Networking [Fall 2019]

CS362 – Software Engineering II [Fall 2019]

CS492 – Mobile Software Development [Winter 2020]

CS467 – Capstone [Spring 2020]

You can also find loads of crowd-sourced student reviews here in the OSU CS Course Explorer, which is an app I developed to display the reviews captured by this survey managed by r/OSUOnlineCS.